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Following an email out of the blue to TreeHouse Mission Control, Joanne has kindly agreed to "doff her hat" to all our regulars and update us to what has been going on since we last heard her exploits on air. So for all the juicest gossip on who, what, where and how, read on. This is Genuine Folks, I had the pleasure of frisking her, clean as a whistle.


Hey, shush it's me Joanne!

Well I met Danny at TFI a while back, in the pub first with Chris and later during the show. For one Christmas I sent Danny and Danny various stuff but one was an adult dot-to-dot book and some rude socks which I don't think they ever mentioned on air and Danny's producer Caroline was a really good friend to me helping me hide when the press were sniffing around...anyway it is me!

Are the Danns' still on the radio? I have just looked at your website...very funny..arrr the memories..are people still interested?
Well, yes a lot has happened to me since... I now live in Australia with an AFL player called Shane Crawford who is quite famous here and captain of Hawthorn....yes it was him who sent the email 'knackers' thing into the Leicester City Message Board and I went mad when I found out!
Shane wants to jack in football and become an actor and there is a programme here like Beadle's About but with celebrities, where they set him up thinking he was auditioning for a big Hollywood film, of course he was dreadful (they got him to do Shakespeare) but is was very funny!
He only knows I have been out with one footballer back home so I have to keep him off your website! Thankfully he is to thick to even log on to the computer....footballers are the same the world over!!!!!"

I am mostly still in touch with Beaus 3 and 4. Beau 3 has been to visit a couple of times and I exchange dirty letters with Beau 4!!!!!
My Manager I'm afraid has had a bit of a nervous breakdown, he says brought on by me..but it wasn't!
My table dancing friend Helen is now dating a major married t.v celeb...major soap, major star, major court litigation going on at the mo' " can say no more!!!!! just after he saw her he caught old Manager 2's obsession!...but this time she was very pleased!.

I just looked at that Anthony Cameron site that you have a link to, and I am raking my brains trying to think who this 'insider' is!! I don't know if I told anyone about first sleeping with "Beau 1" in his car in the carpark at Filbert Street following Leicester's League Cup semi-final victory over Wimbledon a few years ago, or the fact that "My Manager" liked to be called 'the Great Bear'!!! Thing is that is all true! Any idea who it is? I am just contacting Helen as she used to work with me at Leicester City and maybe she can figure out who it is....mind you discretion has never been my strong point....I probably blurted it out after a few too many shandies!!!!!

Love and all things cheeky

Joanne XXX

P.S I have my eye on a motorcross rider at the moment!"

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