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(Dan Singing) "When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter it aligns Mars. Then Peace will guide the planet, in love it's in the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…...heh!.."

Isn't that the cheesiest version of Aquarius you've ever heard? Just before I move on and forget about it, do you know the reason I don't go to the theatre is entirely down to the original Hair. This may sound convenient but I swear to God, at eleven years of age I was aversion therapied off the theatre by the first Hair, not that it was so appalling- it was, but the cast used to be naked which they still are and they'd run about out in the audience and get everyone to sing Age of Aquarius.

Now I've never been one, never ever been one for communal singing particularly, certainly not one for audience participation- hate it; when they put the lights up and try and…..….,hate it, always hated it. Now I'm eleven years and I'm at the end of the aisle with my sister and her boyfriend.

I'm sitting at the end of the aisle and down the aisle they come. You see it's now the big finale and everyone's naked and everyone's got their hands above their head, trying to get everyone to clap to Age of Aquarius.

One fellow decides to stop at the end of my line. I'm eleven…...he stops at the end of my line naked! What's exactly at eye level? Adjacent! A jingling and a juggling around………...as he tries to get us all to…….I'm looking straight ahead. I'm trying not to use this peripheral vision….I don't know whether it's just memory or if I just built it up…..I think it brushed my ear!………

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