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Yesterday you had a caller who read an article about a chicken being hypnotised………….I've seen it done.

You've seen it done?


What for, a paying audience or just generally?

No for a bet. I took me chicken…….it got stood on by me horse and it broke it's leg, so I took it to the vet.

Some days you've just got to grab the tail of this show and hang on haven't you, when the calls come in like this? Yeah and you took it to the vet.

……….To see if he could fix it's leg.


……..and all he did, he drew a line with his fingers from it's forehead down it's beak….

Mmm Mmm

…..and followed the line in front of his nose about three inches…


…..and the chicken fixed it's eye on that spot and he just walked away into the back and the chicken just stood still.

Mmm, you don't think he slipped it something. You don't think the chicken was………

He just walked away and I stood there with my mouth open. He came back in and just touched it and it woke up again.

You see a lot of the time you're watching Paul Daniels, you should be watching Debbie McGee, do you follow me?………and you don't know, sometimes things get worked out, it only takes a moment. Are you sure there was no cohoots between the two?

No, he showed me how to do it and he let me do it…..I did it as well.

This was just an ordinary one of your fowl?


There's no way they could have met up before hand and worked this gag upon you?


There's no bonus in it for the chicken to do that, would there?

No, no.....It was a Vet in Lancaster who did it….

Did he cure the leg?

No he couldn't……he had to get put down anyway.

Mmm, I know this is grizzly and I don't want to always take things into controversial territory…………..when the vet puts down the chicken yeah, does he look at you and say, you know, do you want it?

Yeah he did….He says do you want to take it home?

Did you?


You didn't?

I couldn't….it was one of my babies.

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