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I also found about £50 in a Fairground one day. There were four of us and we thought that's about £12.50 each or something…..and one of the people with us - you know "Honest John" who was with us, said we should give it to the fairground people.


…….because they'll try and find the person who it belongs to and his girlfriend made him refuse to take part in the share. "No we're not having any of that money you know, take it to the Fair People".

"Hey!" so you go up to Louis on the dodgems…..Louis's chewing the end of a match.

(DANNY IN A KID'S VOICE) - "Excuse me, I just found this £50 over there. Could you see it gets…….."

"Heh!, give it hear kid. Check back here in an hours time"......….and you check back in an hour….

"Hey! I found the guy, a small guy with a beard called Emperor Toot, I gave it to him".

So you gave it to the Carnival People. Boy that's one of the most wonderful……….That's restored my faith in you Dr Rob, because I know you were an innocent kid who whenever you found money, you didn't take it to the Police, you didn't resort to advertising in local windows, you did the only sensible thing. You passed it out to the Carnival People.

……."and of course kids, if we can pass one message on this morning. If we can just pass on one message this morning, then keep this tune in mind okay.."


….If you find money rest assured, never mind Interpol, the only way you can really reunite lost things with their owners is through the good people in the Circus Trade".

"….and kids, if you can't find a circus trade member, any unshaven guy with a tattoo will do!"

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