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I was in a Party right Greg. I was at one of my functions as we call them and as I was mooching around I was aware that my Dry Cleaner was there. So I thought, "Oh it's the fella from the dry cleaners". Right Greg listen to this -he was wearing my suit right.

You're joking!

No, wearing my suit. So I went across to him and said "Aha!", hoping he'd colour at the cheek and say, "Oh this is awful"….but he just kept his hands in his pockets and said, " How are you?"

.....and so I said "Great" and after a couple of minutes I said, " Is that a suit like my suit or is that it?" and he went, " No that's your one…." So I said right……"

So he said, "This happens don't you know?" So I said "No!" He said,"Dry Cleaners….of course we do, but unless you'd run into me here you'd be none the wiser….we're dry cleaners, you get them back fresh as a daisy the next day…..all dry cleaners if we're stuck for something to wear we let our wives and relatives…..We're dry cleaners, we dry clean".

And I was never aware of this phenomena you see and so he could tell I was a little taken back and so……I said, "Look I need it really, I need it tomorrow, I've another one of these to go to….because it's a formal suit, it's beautifully…that's how I could tell it's mine…it's velvet you see….

He said, " Here look, don't get upset, I'll give you the big treatment on it"

So I didn't talk anymore about it. The next day I went in there and he wasn't actually there, his daughter was serving. I told here and she again was blank faced.

"No dry cleaners we do wear other people's clothes, I'm sorry you didn't know that". So there's that. She then gave me my suit in one of those big black opaque suit bags which obviously was my gift which was nice, but still I was rankled a little.

I then go off to this function. I have a car waiting outside. I go off to the changing room, because I'm doing something else during the day….I'm in a shirt and stuff. I unzip the black suit bag - "There's a Chicken Suit inside !" "A Chicken suit inside Greg!"

- Mad Laughter-

So I'm stuck. I put the chicken suit on with the big rubber feet and those huge things hanging under the chin"

"I've got to look out of the beak of it Greg!"


I'm walking around quite a formal do and everyone's too polite and I'm looking out of the beak of this big chicken suit and as I'm circulating and thinking I've got over the worst, a fella came up and said,:

"That's my Chicken Suit…….."

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