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….and you've got some cotton reels

I certainly have

And what are you going to do with them?

I'm going to get my hamster to knock them down in his play-ball.

Fantastic!……You think he'll do that?

I think he shall.

Aren't those play balls……..I've got to tell you this and I know you're going to think it's apocryphal and I'm sure you're ahead of me in this; but I was once filming for London Weekend Television at a Primary School just outside London and it was their Harvest Festival.

Do they still have a Harvest Festival Aliss? Do they still give kids daffodils for them to take home and grow?

I think so.

Did you ever do that Martha?

I did.

Yeah, take a daffodil home. You either got a black and white photo or a colour photo depending on how good your daff was.

Indeed yes, mine was black and white.

They don't like to stream kids like that any more, but I think you know the daffodil was a good motif for life, what do you say?

So we were in the corridors and this was true and there used to be a Spark at London Weekend who'll remain nameless, and out in the corridor came this ball you see….and a certain process goes into motion once you se a ball rolling towards you.

Aliss you can understand this can't you?

Kick it

Yeah very hard, to try and get it through the door, which becomes your goal you see at the end of the corridor.

And he really ……."Bang!" and out it went and he said, " I'll go and get your ball kids"………it wasn't a ball, it was one of those hamster things, with the hamster trundling along inside it!

Quite true that is….He caught it with the outside of the boot and swerved it straight through the door and when we got there brer hamster was fine…………….

…………(LONG PAUSE….while Baker whispers "Kiddies" in the background)………………..

No brer hamster was absolutely fine. He put his full weight behind it …..

So what kind of ball is it your hamster's inside at the moment?

It's a see-through plastic ball.

Mmm Mmm

It's clear is it, because you can get them like Lucazade paper colour?

No this is normal.

His name is..?


Renwick okay.

Okay as in Marshall and ….

So off you go, this is fantastic. Send her £900 worth of stuff.We've got a hamster in one of those balls, going at a load of cotton reeels. This is Barnum and Bailey…Off you go!


Did you get that?

Wasn't that sweet?

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