Danny Bakers Internet Treehouse


Sid, what do you want to say?

How'ya doing Danny?

Good as gold Sid, What do you want to tell us Sid?

I just want to tell you that in about 2906 we're going to win the World Cup thanks to Terry Venables.



…In the year 2906?


Another 900 years? I'm going to pull up a chair for this one because you know, I've had a heavy lunch.

If you've got any clever queries about football etc…..but this is…………..I think we're probably not helping you here are we?

In the year 2906..Off you go.

Yes it's going to be on Mars and we're going to win it, there's no doubt about that!

Cut to the chase, how do you know this?

It's Terry I mean. You could see it the other day. He's on the Liverpool match, he's obviously got a great insight.

900 years! I want to know why you picked the year 2906.

Well maybe I was being a little funny about that.

Seriously, bring some of that on the air because we'd love it right now.

Why don't you do a Film with Chris Evans called "Danny Baker's Quest For The Golden Boot" ?

Ladies and Gentlemen!…..You see there's my argument if drugs are freely available, then you know it's the worst thing in the world.

Seriously though that last fella….he was gone right?….

That's okay, we welcome all

He was just round the bend?…that's all right. He's been drinking from the Sellafield cup, but he entertained us for about 30 seconds.

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