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Russell, What's the answer to the Rocky question.....In terms of won or lost from Rocky's point of view, how did they go?

Okay, in the first Rocky movie he fought Apollo Creed played by Carl Weathers.

NO! (Dan interrupting), Just won it or lost it. Brevity, brevity, always brevity. Was it won or lost?

He lost.

Carry on.

In Rocky 2, he fought Apollo Creed again and won.

So, lost, won.

In Rocky 3 there's actually two fights. He fights Mr T. in the first fight and loses and regains the Championship in the second fight at the end of the film.

Right okay, so we've got lost, won, lost, won.

In Rocky 4, he fights Dolph Lundgren and wins.

Lost, won, lost, won, won - upsetting the true and false balance there.

And at the end of Rocky 5 although not in a boxing ring, he fights Tommy Morrisson and wins.

What do you mean it's not in a boxing ring?

It's a street fight.

He's a street fighter! - Has he actually gone into kick boxing and stuff like that?

There's a little kicking in it.

And he wins it does he?

Yeah, knocks him against a wall.

You know they were making Rocky 6 and the Director stopped it in the third round? - Oh okay! How do you know so much about Rocky films?

Because I've seen them all.

You've seen them all? A fan of them Uh?

Not really, I just like violent movies.………..

Just give him back there, because they got rid of you when they thought you were a lunatic seeking out gun shops. What is the most violent film you've ever seen in your violent opinion?

There was a Martial Arts movie which I saw a few weeks back which had pretty graphic fight scenes in called Dragon Cop.

What is the metre here? What do you say is graphic?

The amount of blood that comes out on screen……there's actually people beating each other. You get some of these martial arts films and if you actually hit somebody, with the sounds they got, you'd probably end up breaking your fist and knocking their head off.

I'm one of the few people who still doesn't have a cheat for Mortal Kombat.

Oh, I've completed Mortal Kombat and StreetFighter 2 anyway.

What's the cheat so you can see the blood?

On the option screen, where you have the scroll left and right hand side, press down, up……

Hang on!

Down, up, left, left, across, right, down………which spells dullard

Dullard! Ha Ha….(Dan clapping)…..Good for them.

A white box appears at the bottom saying cheat enabled, were you can do all sorts of things, turn the blood on, knock your opponents energy down………..

Just one last salient question here……Do you live alone?

I do…..well I live in a shared house.

Mmm! Going on to the next caller is Alan. Where are you Alan?.......I guarantee in five years time, he's going to be dressed in kind of camouflage stuff walking round the town waving a pistol, you watch...

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