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"Once upon a time,in a land far far away, in the kingdom of Treehouseland, there lived a friendly, contented band of people, who laughed all day long.The King of the Land was a quiet pleasant soul who ruled his people with a gentle hand, as he believed that they were intelligent and bright enough to sort out any problems they may have on their own.

This worked very well for a long time, and everyone in the kingdom was jolly.
As a result, they should have all lived happily ever after. However, one
or two of the king's subjects decided that the system that had served them
so well for so long was in fact a bag of s*@t, and they decided to steal some
of the king's subjects away with talk of a new golden land where everything
was wonderful and the sun always shone.

They did this quietly of course, so as not to be thought of as untrustworthy in any way,and even said that they would still come to visit their old friends in treehouseland.They didn't even tell the King what they were up to, even though they had enjoyed the fruits of his labours for a long time. Apparently, they saw nothing wrong or underhand in this, which just goes to show that even in fairy tales, there are some right b@s***ds knocking about.

Anyhow, off they buggered to a new land, where you couldn't just stroll
in like in the old days, but you had to be thoroughly checked at the gate by
the pointy nose guards who,if they took a dislike to you,told you to sling
your hook.. Amazingly, they thought this was a good thing. Dopes. They may still
be there. No one knows, as they were never heard of again.

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