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The History of the Treehouse

The first time I heard Danny was 606 and Morning Edition in '92 although the Treehouse itself didn't begin life until June 1997 as a one page site hosted on Xoom with three clips all in .wav form.

Over the years I had accumulated quite a Rupert Pupkin-esque collection of Danny's Shows on tape, due mostly to my profession at the time (Chef) and my shift working, which meant actually listening to Danny live was an impossibility.
So partly to learn Web Design and partly to share my obsessive archive The Treehouse (Mark One) was born.
If you're at work, before clicking on this link, it might be a good idea to turn down your speakers

One of the first emails I received was from Laurie Sore who said she had just listened to a clip of herself from Morning Edition on the Website. "I thought Danny gave me a lot more stick about shaking bed ghost story guess I was wrong....he went quiet easy on me. I really enjoyed your website, brought back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work."

I got my first email from a certain Mr Baker on his return last year to London Live and among other he things he commented
"Anyway look the thing is I ought to have doffed the hat your way long before now and let's face is a hat is one of the very few things that can be doffed in this modern world of cyber-sites dedicated to written off DJs and soap salesmen. .........................Of course, the tricky bit is in living up to the website... Yours, old horse"

Allis Moss has also contributed material and been in touch over the years, as has the infamous Joanne

Latterly sometime DB sidekick Andy Darling has also sent an email: -
"The site is top notch. If I were downloading sound stuff I'd definitely check out the Dominik Diamond head-to-head (I use the term loosely, having worked twice with the jock, I can confirm that he's a faux-prol fool"

Long before the Ultimate Bulletin Board we had a freebee from Inside the Web and way back then, our hardy band of posters included amongst it's ranks: - Simon Tyers, Karl Eldridge, Applescruff, Hulk Hogan and his Kettle of Fish, Terence Oblong, R, Sonic...There's always a Sonic, Spider Spiderson, Rigsby, Macca and There's always an Andy, to name but a few.

Highlights over the years, well Danny's flattering comments on Virgin and of course the Yell Awards Swankfest.

Updating the Site takes a little over three hours every week (over twice what it used to take prior to the weekly additions of the LDN Saturday Show clips) and every so often I also have the marathon task of compiling a stock of material for the next few months updates.

Since the Site's inception and with your help, the Treehouse's archive has grown to some 500 cassettes (doubling in a week after a recent generous bequest), 10 videos and 70 Mini Disks.

The Treehouse is far and away the largest site to any Broadcaster in the UK standing at 750 MBs and growing at a minimum of 2MBs each and every week.

My own favourite DB Shows? Well probably Morning Edition and the vastly underrated Radio One years.

All times are BST

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